Monday, July 20, 2009

Staying here!

So, the Naner Lady finally chose a name for her soon to be Etsy store, and it is NOT Occams Scissors. Why is that important to me you ask? Well, that means I don't have to give up the blog I hi-jacked from her. You are stuck with me! I do need to get George and Gund to join me here though... hmmm, maybe a nice family photo. We have been playing NCIS a lot lately so maybe Naner Lady can take a picture of us.


Leann said...

Nigel, I'm very happy you're not going away. I was wondering, do you know how Naner Lady came up with the name Occams Scissors?

Nigel T. Monkey said...

Oi ! Hiya Leann.
Naner Lady was saying something about Occams Razor, that maybe the simplist answer is the right one. She was mumbling about getting some things made and enjoyed simple designs and though that a razor would not be easy to handle with a project, so therefor not the simplist, but scissor were perfect. So she uses Occams Scissor because sometimes the simplist art is the right one.
Kinda round about thinking, but she can do that sometimes. Then again in a strange way it makes sence... Maybe it was the pitcher of beer... pitchers.... we had for dinner.

Leann said...

Naner lady is smart.