Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Biggby Tour

We went for a mini vacation over the weekend and did a bit of a Biggby tour along the way.
A list of our stops:
#1 - Ann Arbor Washtenaw store
#2 - Jackson
#3 - Marshall
#4 - Kalamazoo Main street
In Jackson they had a guest book so I signed in (that's were this picture was taken)
In Kalamazoo barista Kelsey knew who I was, see I told you I was famous.
I'm still waiting for Corporate to make proper B buttons, not that the handmade one by the Naner Lady is bad but a "real" button would be great. I saw some great looking sweatshirts at the Jackson store that would be wonderful if they came in my size. Oi! I just remembered there was a bear at the Marshall store that I think was wearing a sweatshirt hoodie, I should have asked him about buying it off him......

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hidden Moo card

Hee hee...

I left a moo card on the picture at our booth in Casey's.
I wonder how long it will take someone to find, they must have a sharp eye.