Sunday, April 26, 2009

Knight's Restaurant

This is my second time to this restaurant, and the service was much better this time. If you like meat this is a good place to eat, they get all their meat from Knight's Market were they have a big meat shop.
The area inside is a bit outdated and dark, but they had Oberon on tap and an American style menu for a good dining experience.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Winter is Over !!

It was 70' (F) today and upon going to Biggby for Dessert today I saw this:

B Timeless ?

I don't want winter to be here forever. It was cold, snowy and long this year. I want to spend time enjoying good summer weather.

Message to Corporate: Please send new banners.

Cafe Felix

Starting our spring with a meal at Cafe Felix because it is 70' (F) out and we can sit outside and watch people.
Fortunatly we had our pints of Oberon at hand since the service and food quality has gone down since our last visit.
Things to note:
1) Male waitstaff just is not as good as the female, nothing new about that here, same as before. The guys just don't take the time to "mingle", this is Ann Arbor after all.
2) First strange thing to note was that the tables were quite full and the kitchen has not started serving dinner until 5:00pm in the past. They were already well into dinner service at 4:55pm today.
3) The menu was longer then before (I can live with that)
4) The menu was printed on cardstock paper and hand cut in stead of using a paper trimmer for a clean edge, sloppy
5) The quality and size of dishes have changed: (a) Salmon dish is no longer with Norwegien Salmon, big differance in taste and texture, sause had more citrus then before, no longer melts in your mouth. (b) stuffed chicken was half the size as last year but the same price, the sauce had flavor but since the chicken lacked flavor the dish over all was a balance of blah.
6) The waiter never asked if we wanted dessert!!! Not that we were going to order any, we planed to skip it to go to Biggby, but he didn't know that.
Current rating is Nubs down